by Glass Vaults

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released September 25, 2015



all rights reserved


Glass Vaults Wellington, New Zealand

Since their conception in 2010, merchants of bliss Glass Vaults have produced a stream of releases and transcendental live performances which have developed into a unique brand of dreamy psychedelic pop. Conceived in Wellington, New Zealand by Performance Design graduates, Richard Larsen and Rowan Pierce, the pair have curated the project with an extended group of collaborators. ... more

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Track Name: Life is the Show
My head glitters gold
Won’t you watch me?
Sea of dancers screaming in silence
“Won’t you watch me, play?”
The two most beautiful people in the room
They’re grinding, promiscuously
And all while
Your mantra’s singing hallelujah to me

Oh, life is the show
Oh, life is the show

Stupid cover band
Playing all the songs they’re asking them to play
Masquerade of ego
Swimming through another break in vain.
Break all day, break all day

I don’t want to be Jesus, No.
I’d rather be evil, Oh.

Two unknown bodies were unable to see
They never made a sound
Drifting through a room made up of restless people
Unaware that
Both were painted gold in a room full of evil
Track Name: West Coast
It’s been one thousand years
All the other people
Laying on my back
Praying to the steeple
And I think to myself

Would I be better of dead?
Better of dead?

Holy war!
Fuck your holy war!
“Speak deep truth”
Said the man on the floor
He was showing me some kind of evil

This partnership
Was written in the sand
Cold, grey, west coast, ruggard land
and I think to myself

Would I be better of dead?
Better of dead?

West Coast rugged beauty is in my head
What if when I’m waking you’re still there
West Coast rugged beauty is in my head
Everytime I close my eyes I see you staring back at me
And I think to myself…
Track Name: Sojourn
For you
For you
For you
This would be different

For them
For them
For them
They wouldn’t know the difference

For change
For change
For change
It isn’t always going to stay the same

For love
For love
For love
It is for love!

And I
I thought right
I miss you tonight

They all said it would change me but I doubted it
Track Name: Sacred Heart
Taking bones and colouring them surreal
The most beautiful colours in this field
The blues and golds
The winter snow
The winter snow

Turn on the lights and reveal her body
Lying there
Marina! Marina!
Come back down
It’s not real
It’s so real

Like the sacred weart which hung on the wall of the church of my youth
Like the bleeding heart which stained the collar of my youth
Like the bloody hand that touched the temple, hung the noose
Hung the noose
On my youth
On my youth

Marina! Marina!
Come back down
It’s not real

It’s so real
It’s surreal
It’s so real
It’s surreal
Track Name: Ancient Gates
Follow me down to the ancient gates
Out to the field where we will wait
Wait for a kingdom to become
Wait for an old man to be young

There is no thread
There is no thread
Between the days

I rest my head
I rest my head
For days
Track Name: Come and be Beautiful
Romeo! Romeo!
Daddy wasn’t one for coming home
She woke up just to tell me how beautiful the light was
Because Juliet was waking up in a field of flowers

If life is the show, how do I get on it?

I don’t believe you
and I don’t belong here
Track Name: Don't be Shy II
I said something
That I didn’t mean
I took something
That didn’t belong to me
And I knew someone
Would comfort me
Alone in the bed and the little one said
Roll over
Roll over
Roll over
It’s over

You’re up in your castle
All the way up in your steeple
Up there in your castle
Or down with all your people

Don’t be so Shy...